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🐳 Docker Configuration

Homarr offers a Docker Container, which can be run on any compatible system, such as Unraid, Kubernetes and many more systems! Our Docker container is based on the node:16-alpine image and serves per standard on the port 7575.

Environment Variables

Homarr offers a few environment variables, which can be used to configure the container.

Environment VariableDescriptionExamples
BASE_URLAllows you to change the base URL you use to access
PASSWORDAllows you to set a password for Password protection-
PORTAllows you to change the default port Homarr uses to deploy1234

Timezone Settings

Some users might experience wrong dates/times in their Calendar. This is because the Calendar is using the server-side time. Although you should always set your host machine to your local time zone, you should specify the timezone for Homarr to ensure that the timezone is always set correctly.

Set Timezone in Docker

You can set the timezone using the --tz when running docker run.


docker run  \
--name homarr \
--restart unless-stopped \
--tz Europe/Paris \
-p 7575:7575 \
-v <your-path>/homarr/configs:/app/data/configs \
-v <your-path>/homarr/icons:/app/public/icons \

Set Timezone in Docker Compose

If you're using docker-compose, you can add the following to your docker-compose.yml file:

- TZ=America/Denver

Unsure what your timezone is? You can find yours on this Wikipedia page. Simply copy the value of the column "TZ database name".

Please note that this should work on nearly all systems. Check out these two amazing articles by howtogeek on timezones in containers: