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🕓 Clock

The Clock Widget will display the current time and date. The Widget will use your current system time. If you are using Docker, ensure that the timezone is set correctly.

Adding the widget

Please check out our documentation on how to add a widget.


ConfigurationDescriptionValuesDefault Value
Display full time (24 hour format)Determines if the clock displays in 12 or 24 hour formatyes / nono
Date formattingSelect how you want the date to be displayedsee ScreenshotsWeekday, month day
Display a custom TimezoneIn case you want to show a timezone different from where you currently are, after toggling this option, you may select the city using the following optionsyes / nono
Timezone locationLocation selector, choose the city and it will automatically get you the coordinates.City nameParis
City TitleChoose if you want to add a title above the time to show the city you selected and the timezone code it is in.
  • City and Timezone
  • City only
  • None
City and Timezone

configuration of the weather widget


Check out our documentation on editing tiles.


Date formatting

clock widget in light mode clock widget in dark mode