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🎴 IFrame

If you application is not supported natively by Homarr, you can integrate it using the iframe widget. It uses the iframe element, which emeds the desired page in the browser. This means, no traffic is routed through Homarr (and the URL must be reachable from the client).

Athough you can integrate many websites, some may not work. This is because the administrators of those sites disallow iframes for security reasons, as users could easily be tricked by embeding the original site on a malicious page.

Some proxies disallow iframes by default for this reason. You can use to check, if the site is allowing iframes. If you manage all of your own applications, you can usually change that.

If you want to test a page, you can use the following URL:

iframes can be used to host streaming content, such as a youtube video, by directly linking the embed source, you can test this with the NASA ISS stream:

Adding the widget

Please check out our documentation on how to add a widget.


ConfigurationDescriptionValuesDefault Value
Embed URLThe page that should be embeddedURL-
Allow full screenAllow pages inside the iframe to enter full screenyes / nono
Allow scrollingAllows scrolling pass through to iframeyes / noyes
Allow transparencyAllows scrolling pass through from iframe (board transparency settings do not impact the iframe, only the border)yes / nono
Allow paymentAllow payment information pass through to iframeyes / nono
Allow auto playAllows videos to autoplayyes / nono
Allow microphoneAllows microphone pass through to iframeyes / nono
Allow cameraAllows camera pass through to iframeyes / nono
Allow geolocationAllows geolocation pass through to iframeyes / nono

Check out our documentation on editing tiles.