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🎬 Media Server

The media server widget enables you to watch and view current active sessions over all your media servers. It also displays useful information, that you can use when providing support to users or debugging a problem.

Adding the widget

Please check out our documentation on how to add a widget.


This widget does not offer any configurations.


Check out our documentation on editing tiles.

Common issues

Is the widget not working? Please try out the following tips and tricks to possibly resolve your issue:

  • Use a URL that does not terminate on a single / or something like /web or index.html. This may break the integration. Only use the main domain of your server.
  • Make sure that your container has access to the media server. Try making a ping to it.
  • Use valid credentials, that have been created for Homarr in the Jellyfin administration dashboard.
  • Permit access to the required libraries and grant the required permissions.

Stats for nerds

The widget will display additional information, if you click on a session. Stats for nerds contain highly detailed information, that may help you troubleshoot encoding issues. Since not all media servers expose the same information, some information may be unavailable depending on the type.


main widget example stats for nerds