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🎥 Video & Stream

Do you run surveilance cameras? Or maybe you have a favourite video? The video widget enables you to integrate both seamlessly into your dashboard. This widget uses video.js to play HLS or DASH video natively.

DRM content is not yet supported. More info here:

You can use the following URL to test:

Adding the widget

Please check out our documentation on how to add a widget.


ConfigurationDescriptionValuesDefault Value
Feed URLThe URL of the streamable content. It must contain the direct video file, a link to Youtube won't work.URL-
AutoplayIf checked, the content will be played automatically.yes / noyes
Muted audioIf checked, the content will be muted.yes / noyes
ControlsIf checked, controls will be displayed to control playback.yes / nono

Check out our documentation on editing tiles.