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📻 Media requesters

The Overseerr integration will enable you to request movies and series directly from your Homarr dashboard.

After choosing the correct type, you can search for content:

It displays, which content is already in your Overseerr library and links available content directly to your Plex or Jellyfin instance.

Available configuration options

ApiTokenPrivateToken used for authentication

Initial setup

Installation of Media Server

The Overseer integration supports both Overseerr and Jellyseerr, a fork of Overseerr compatible with Jellyfin.

Install Plex on your machine using your preferred installation method:
We recommend the installation using Docker for the easiest and fastest installation.

Installation of Media requester

After you have your Plex instance up and running, you must install Overseer as your media request application. Please read the official documentation of how to install Overseerr on your machine:

Add your application in Homarr

If your instance of Overseerr or Jellyseerr is up and running, it's time to add it to your dashboard. Simply select the correct type from the integration tab when editing the application:

Select Overseerr in the app type for your Overseerr app.
Fill our the field Api token with from the link below, when having Overseerr as the app type selected.

Searching for a movie / series

To search for a movie or series, simply press CTRL + K or click into the search box. Then, type !os (with a space at the end) and enter, what you want to search for.

The integration will display, what content is already available in your media library.

Seasons selection

If you're selecting a series, you'll be asked what seasons you want to request:

season selector