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🎬 Media servers

Homarr can integrate with your media servers, which allows you to control it from your dashboard. You may add multiple media servers, also of different kinds, to your dashboard.


We recommend creating a separate account just for Homarr. Only grant access to the libraries and permissions that you require to be accessed by Homarr. This allows for better security.

Jellyfin (and Emby)

The Jellyfin integration enables you to view the active sessions, using the Media Server widget, on your dashboard.


As Jellyfin forked from Emby, they shared a lot of code, including the API. Since the fork was in 2018, some parts have evolved, but for our purpose, they still haven't diverged.

This means that selecting Jellyfin as the integration when registering your Emby app, there is a high likelyhood for it to work.

No official support

Although we do mention of this possible use, this is not an official implementation or proof of maintenance for Emby.

Available configuration options

UsernamePrivateUsername used for authentication
PasswordPrivatePassword used for authentication


For a successful integration, remember that the internal address should not have a path, only the IP and the port (http://IP:port).

In this case it would mean to remove anything of the likes of "/web/index.html" from the link you would usually use.

Available configuration options

ApiTokenPrivateToken used for authentication