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A simple, yet
powerful dashboard
for your server.

Simplify the management of your server with Homarr - a sleek, modern dashboard that puts all of your apps and services at your fingertips. With Homarr, you can access and control everything in one convenient location. Homarr seamlessly integrates with the apps you've added, providing you with valuable information and giving you complete control. Installation is a breeze, and Homarr supports a wide range of deployment methods.

Organize your applications

Add your selfhosted applications or favorite websites to your dashboard. You can drag them around freely to organize it how you like.

Seamless integrations

Homarr can integrate to many popular applications to enhance your experience.

Customizable, accessible and multi-lingual

Bonjour, こんにちは, Γειά σου! Homarr is here for everyone and supports 23 languages.

  • Over 15 integrations.Control and monitor your network directly from Homarr.
  • Widgets.Use integrations to display data and control apps, including Radarr, Sonarr, PiHole, Dash., popular Torrent & Usenet clients and many more
  • Open Source.The entire source code is public and can be viewed, modified and distributed. Commercial usage is also allowed, but we also appreciate donations to cover our infrastructure cost.
  • Over 7000 beautiful icons.Our library of icons features many popular websites, applications but also general icons like and
  • Quick search.Search through your apps and supported integrations in an instant

Create your own dashboard

Using Homarr's comprehensible and easy to use visual editor, you can easily create your own dashboard - no YAML or JSON involved.

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Start building your dream
dashboard today.

Installation is beginner friendly and won't take more than 10 minutes.

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