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About us

Homarr is a community driven open source project that is being maintained by volunteers. We are working on Homarr, because we want to have fun, learn new technologies and get challenged. We are not sponsored and do not get any compensation for our work - we work on this project solely on our leisure time.

including many more contributors...


  1. MVP Dashboard

    A mininmal dashboard solution for creating very basic dashboards with apps on it.

  2. Drag and Drop System

    A complete overhaul of the dashboard system, in which we implemented Gridstack as a drag and drop library.

  3. Technical debt and tRPC migration

    Homarr has grown in complexity and the code is starting to get a problem. We often hit a border, where it's getting harder to implement something, than it actually should be. This is also known as technical debt. We have learned many new things in our journey and have decided to migrate to tRPC. That will clean up code and enable us for faster development.

  4. AuthenticationIn progress

    A part of Homarr is still not secure enough to be exposed to the internet. Existing solutions for authentication exist, but are incredibly cumbersome. We'll implement a basic authentication solution using the new tRPC APIs and remove the old legacy systems.

  5. Breaking: Migrate from JSON to Sqlite

    Homarr still uses an unstructured JSON file behind the scenes. This adds much complexity regarding types, errors, exceptions and relationships. In 0.15, we'll migrate to a RDBMS. After that, JSON will no longer be supported.

  6. Fine grained permissions

    In this version we'll add more configurations to the adminstration section and a more complex permission system for users.