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Migration of Documentation

· 2 min read

We are happy to announce that the documentation of Homarr has been migrated to Docusaurus - An opensource documentation tool. The documentation has been re-written partly and includes now many animations, guides and additional crucial information.

We are still figuring things out and highly depend on your feedback.

Why we migrated

The default Github Wiki feature is decent - but very confusing to read. Our possibilites for searching the documentation in the Wiki are highly limited. Additionally, Users are unable to contribute to the documentation if they have not sufficient permissions.

We could not review any chanegs made to the documentation. This is why we migrated to Docusaurus.

How you can contribute

The documentation will soon be merged into the master branch of Homarr. You'll find a doc/ directory in the root of Homarr. We'll obviously not include this in our Docker images. In the future, everyone may modify the documentation by creating a pull request. After we've reviewed your changes, we'll merge your PR and this documentation will automatically update.


The documentation on GitHub Wiki will soon disappear. It will be replaced with this Docusaurus-powered website. You'll find much more information here with higher detail and searchability.