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ยท One min read

We'd like to let you know that we've updated our documentation and reorganized the pages. This means, that some links may no longer be valid - we apologise if this causes any inconvenience for you.

A few highlights include:

  • Updated navigation bar for much easier navigation
  • Improvements to the landing page
  • Completely revamped about us page.
  • Bug fixes for image zoom
  • Added documentation for management pages and new CLI tool

Please let us know is something is not working as expected.

ยท 3 min read

Multiple widgets of the same typeโ€‹

It's finally here! You can decorate your dashboard now with as many widgets as you want. This applies to all widgets, but in the case of the IFrame widget, it enables you to:

  • Integrate as many websites as you want
  • Integrate monitoring tools like Grafana, Splunk or Elasticsearch
  • Integrate your services (for example Sonarr, Radarr and Overseerr) directly into Homarr

Edit mode passwordโ€‹

We've added a setting to disable editing completely. This will allow you to restrict edit access without password-protection. use the EDIT_MODE_PASSWORD ENV variable to set a password for edit mode. turn on DISABLE_EDIT_MODE=TRUE to disable edit mode on startup.

๐Ÿ˜Ž Blazingly fastโ€‹

We've implemented a new caching system, that will cache all data in your browser, meaning that Homarr will load within milliseconds, as if it was powered by rust and blazingly fast !!!

Media request widgets (Overseerr & Jellyseerr)โ€‹

We've implemented a new widget, that displays a history of all requests. You can't approve from the widget yet, but we plan to add this in the future.


Multiple RSS feedsโ€‹

You can now consume multiple RSS feeds at the same time:


Tab refresh / close confirmationโ€‹

Since some have lost their changes, by refreshing the page in the edit mode. We've added a popup that will ask you to confirm you want to reload the page :


Environment variable for default themeโ€‹

You can now set the default color scheme using environment variables:

DEFAULT_COLOR_SCHEME = [dark, light]

Global error catching for widgetsโ€‹

Previously, widgets were able to crash your entire dashboard and just a blank page would be displayed. Now, users will still be able to use their dashboard and an information message will be displayed instead.

Migration to Mantine V6โ€‹

We've migrated Mantine to version 6. This will bring some upstream changes for responsiveness and usability.

Fix width and height in the calenderโ€‹

In 0.11.5 and previous versions, the calender scaled really bad if the widget was resized. Now, the calendar will fill out the entire available space and scale nicely with your dashboard.

Performance improvementsโ€‹

We now use several methods to improve performance and reduce network requests. Homarr will load now within milliseconds and cache data in your browser.

Docker Socket via TCPโ€‹

Previously, it was not possible to mount sockets via TCP (eg. tcp://traefik-docker-socket-proxy:2375). Now, you can use the following environment variables to configure this:


Full Changelog:

ยท 2 min read

We are incredibly proud to serve you Homarr 0.11! It contains many breaking changes and huge improvements to your favourite dashboard app:

  • Integration of Gridstack for much more complex dashboard configuration and drag and drop
  • Added icon picker with smart search and automatic icons
  • Complete overhaul of the module system
  • Added an edit mode for making changes easier
  • Form validation for better user experience
  • Better security with new built-in credentials system
  • Huge design and usability improvements to older components to Homarr
  • Better handeling of exceptions and unexpected issues

Complete implementation of highly customizable drag and drop library "Gridstack"โ€‹

In 0.11, we have replaced our quite limited drag and drop system with Gridstack. Gridstack enables you to create much more complex and advanced dashboards while keeping everything organized.

We've also introduced more advanced categories this time:

We'll continute to improve this system according to your feedback.

Modules have been overhauled and renamed to widgetsโ€‹

Widgets are now much snappier and have been completly recoded. This fixes some of the bugs a few users have previously experienced and improves overall customization.

Fancy icon picker for speeding up your creation processโ€‹

We've also added a new fancy icon picker, you can use to get access to any icons much faster. We will add more icon sources in the future, as we made this icon picker very modular, and we plan to make local icons accessible via this picker very soon.

Design and documentation improvements to homarr.devโ€‹ has been overhauled with better design, updated documentation, more images and better explanations. We've also added a few community made resources, such as the icon cache script and Traefik tutorial.

Download Homarr now!โ€‹

Homarr is completly free, even for commercial usage!

ยท 2 min read

We are happy to announce that the documentation of Homarr has been migrated to Docusaurus - An opensource documentation tool. The documentation has been re-written partly and includes now many animations, guides and additional crucial information.

We are still figuring things out and highly depend on your feedback.

Why we migratedโ€‹

The default Github Wiki feature is decent - but very confusing to read. Our possibilites for searching the documentation in the Wiki are highly limited. Additionally, Users are unable to contribute to the documentation if they have not sufficient permissions.

We could not review any chanegs made to the documentation. This is why we migrated to Docusaurus.

How you can contributeโ€‹

The documentation will soon be merged into the master branch of Homarr. You'll find a doc/ directory in the root of Homarr. We'll obviously not include this in our Docker images. In the future, everyone may modify the documentation by creating a pull request. After we've reviewed your changes, we'll merge your PR and this documentation will automatically update.


The documentation on GitHub Wiki will soon disappear. It will be replaced with this Docusaurus-powered website. You'll find much more information here with higher detail and searchability.