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☔ Weather

The Weather Widget uses your location to display the current, highest and lowest temperature. The Widget uses to retrieve weather data.

✨ Custom CSS

To further customize your dashboard, you can add your own CSS rules to Homarr. This can be used to change virtually any aspect of the dashboard, from the color of the background to the size of the font.

🎞️ Torrent

The Torrent widget uses Integrations to display a list of torrents with their name, download/upload speed and progress.

🎨 Colors

Homarr allows you to customize the colors to your liking. You can change the primary, secondary, and shade color of Homarr.

🎬 Media Server

The media server widget enables you to watch and view current active sessions over all your media servers.

🎴 IFrame

If you application is not supported natively by Homarr, you can integrate it using the iframe widget.

🐳 Docker Configuration

Homarr offers a Docker Container, which can be run on any compatible system, such as Unraid, Kubernetes and many more systems! Our Docker container is based on the `node:16-alpine image and serves per standard on the port 7575`.

👥 Media Requests

The media requests widget enables you to integrate with Overseerr and Jellyseerr.

💻 Layout

Using the layout settings, you can customize the apperance and layout of your Homarr instance.

📁 Usenet

The Usenet widget uses Integrations to display a list of usenets with their name, download/upload speed and progress.

📆 Calendar

The calendar Widget will use Integrations to display upcoming content.

📟 Dash.

The Dash. widget will integrate your existing Dash. instance into Homarr. The graphs will be integrated using iframe.

📦 Icon Cache

Homarr automatically requests icons from an external repository, but if you don't have access to the internet at all time or want to reduce network traffic, you may want to use a local cache. A cache retrieves the pictures from the external source, stores them on your local disk and serves them from there. This way, you can use Homarr without internet access and reduce the amount of requests to the external repository.

🕓 Clock

The Clock Widget will display the current time and date. The Widget will use your current system time. If you are using Docker, ensure that the timezone is set correctly.

🧿 DNS Hole

If you're running a PiHole or AdGuard Home instance, you might want to display statistics on your dashboard or control them.

😎 After the installation

Congratulations! You've installed Homarr. Now, it's time to configure it to your liking. This guide will help you get started with Homarr.

🚀 Download Speed

The Download Speed Widget use Integrations to display your current download and upload speed of supported Download Clients.


Homarr will integrate with a ton of different apps on your system.