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Command line interface

The Homarr image ships with a built-in recovery tool. This can be useful, if you do not have access to Homarr or if something is not working. Please note that the CLI is an emergency tool, not an API tool.


Using the recovery CLi tool can cause problems when requests are being sent to Homarr while the tool is running.
You should also create a backup of the database, in case you break something.

Execute CLI with Docker

  1. Execute docker ps | grep homarr on the root system with Docker to find the container ID of your Homarr container.
  2. Run docker exec -it <container-id> /bin/bash homarr <your-command-goes-here>.
    Replace <container-id> with your container ID from step 1.
    Replace <your-command-goes-here> with the command you want to execute (see sub-pages).