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📕 Bookmarks

The Bookmarks widget enables you, to add a list of web pages or URLs to your dashboard - similar like bookmarks in Browsers.

Adding the widget

Please check out our documentation on how to add a widget.


This widget can be configured using an advanced visual editor. You need to enter edit mode, to edit the bookmarks:

ConfigurationDescriptionValuesDefault Value
Widget titleTitle of the widget. Will appear at the top of the widget. Can be left empty to not have any title.StringEmpty
ItemsList of bookmarks-Empty List
  • Name
  • Name of your bookmark.StringHomarr Documentation
  • URL
  • Link to your bookmark.URL/String
  • App Icon
  • URL or Link to the icon to represent your bookmark.URL/String/imgs/logo/logo.png
  • Open in new tab
  • If switched, the link will open in a new tab, otherwise it will redirect on the current tabyes / nono
  • Hide Hostname
  • Hide the link under the the title/name.yes / nono
  • Hide Icon
  • Hide the icon of the bookmark (Helps Using less space).yes / nono
    LayoutChanges the layout of the bookmarks
    • Auto-Grid
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical

    Check out our documentation on editing tiles.


    Auto Grid

    The Auto Grid mode will automatically scale the items. Items will have a min width of 150px, but can scale bigger if they need more space. If there is no space available, they will wrap.


    Vertical mode will put items in a vertical list. Overflowing items will create a scroll bar.


    Horizontal mode will put items in a horizontal list. Overflowing items will create a scroll bar.