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📆 Calendar

The calendar Widget will use Integrations to display upcoming content. It can display content from Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr and Readarr.

Adding the widget

Please check out our documentation on how to add a widget.

Adding integrations to the widget

Please make sure to select the appropriate integration type for your app, so the calendar widget can communicate with it:

Then, enter your API key and click on the save button:

You can retrieve your API token from the settings pages of your *arr applications.

Using the widget

The calendar widget will display a calendar with indicators for upcoming releases:

Screenshot showing multiple indicators


Homarr will only load the previous, current and next month from your integrations. This means, releases in 2+ / 2- months will not be loaded and visible in the calendar.

Colors of indicators and their meaning

All indicators in the calendar have a specific color depending on their app:

ColorIntegrationProject link
🔴 (red)ReadarrReadarr project link
🟡 (yellow)RadarrRadarr project link
🟢 (green)LidarrLidarr project link
🔵 (blue)SonarrSonarr project link

Release information

All days with indicators will be clickable and will open a popup with detailed information about the releases on this day:

Screenshot showing pop-up of day information


We have noticed, that the scrollbar is on some devices poorly visible. We'll fix this in a future update of Homarr.

Release Poster

Homarr will load the images from your integration, for example Sonarr. It filters trough all images of the release and takes the first match, that is of the cover-type poster.


Some Adblockers are preventing Homarr from loading your posters. This is a well known issue in our community. To solve this issue, please disable your adblocker for Homarr.


ConfigurationDescriptionValuesDefault Value
Start week on sundayDetermines, if the calendar week should start on Sunday. If deactivated, Week will start on Monday.yes / nono

configuration of the calendar widget


Check out our documentation on editing tiles.