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📟 Dash.

The Dash. widget will integrate your existing Dash. instance into Homarr. The graphs will be integrated using iframe. Additionally, you can enable or disable certain graphs, or enable the Multi-Core view for the CPU.

Adding the widget

Please check out our documentation on how to add a widget.


If you want to quickly test the widget, before installing Dash. on your machine, we recommend to use the public demo server of Dash.


To use the widget, you need to install Dashdot on your server. We recommend that you install it using Docker.

Install Dash. using Docker

docker container run -it \
-p 80:3001 \
-v /:/mnt/host:ro \
--privileged \

Install Dash. using Docker compose

version: '3.5'

image: mauricenino/dashdot:latest
restart: unless-stopped
privileged: true
- '80:3001'
- /:/mnt/host:ro

More Installation options

You can find more installation options on the Dash. documentation page.


ConfigurationDescriptionValuesDefault Value
CPU Multi-Core ViewShows the usage of each core instead of the total usageyes / nono
Storage Multi-Drive ViewShows the usage of each drive visible to Dash. instead of the total usageyes / nono
Use Compact ViewReduce the size of the individual graphs, which makes them use less space. Recommended for smaller screensyes / nono
GraphsSelection of the Dash. graphs, which should be displayedyes / noCPU, RAM, Storage, Network
Dash. URLThe address of your Dash. installationstringnone

dash dot configuration


Check out our documentation on editing tiles.

Reverse Proxy Configuration

Homarr will embed the graphs of your Dash. instance. Because of this, some users may experience problems, if they serve their Dash. instance using a reverse proxy. While there are multiple reasons for this, the most common by far is that the reverse proxy is blocking access to Dash. using iframes.

Depending on which reverse proxy you're using, you must configure them differently to allow access via iframes. Please note that iframes can be considered dangerous under some circumstances - we recommend you to read this answer on Stackoverflow entirely for understanding the risks involved with iframes (especially when you expose via a public domain):

If you want to proceed, you must configure this header on your reverse proxy: Generally, in most cases you want to use SAMEORIGIN. ALLOW-FROM <uri> is obsolete and no longer works in most browsers.


dash dot widget in light mode